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Cardhouse: projeto do multi-instrumentista português Daniel Cardoso

Cardhouse” é o projeto a solo do multi-instrumentista português e baterista dos britânicos “Anathema”, Daniel Cardoso.

And So We Die” (a ouvir abaixo) é a segunda amostra e última faixa do álbum de estreia “City Blur”, recentemente terminado e ainda sem data exata de lançamento.

Aquando da última passagem dos Anathema por Portugal, a outubro de 2014, a RnH teve a oportunidade de falar com Daniel Cardoso, abordando também um pouco este projeto, então conhecido como “The DC”. Se ainda não leu ou se desejar rever esta entrevista, pode fazê-lo clicando AQUI.


Sobre o álbum, Cardoso disse através do Facebook:

So, finally news about my solo album – and I will need to extend myself a little bit about that. Yes, I finished it. It was a very long and painful process but I was never happy with a few things and had to find solutions. First thing I was never happy about was the name I was gonna release it under. “The DC” started as a working title that eventually stuck around. Someone in the business said it was a cool name. But with time I started to think it was a bit pretentious and lame. I would easier go as The Dude (as a reference to that great movie we all know about) than as The DC. So I decided to go as Cardhouse. With no relation to HBO’s tv show that we also all know about whatsoever, and still a bit pretentious – as it is the closest english word to my own name (Cardoso) that I could find. In the end, who cares, its just a name. As a “builder” I can relate a lot to the “house of cards” concept. Building and reaching as high as possible, even if with feeble foundations and risking that it would all fall down really quick, and when it falls, starting over. But enough with this. Let’s hear the music. And in a symbolic way to represent both the name change and the album completion, I’m releasing a video with the last song of the album, which coincidentally is the last song I finished just a few days ago. There’s some lyrics in it as well. Its a dark song, not really representative of the album, so I wouldn’t call it a single. It’s just the end of the album for that matter.

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